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15-024611-00 NOVELLUS

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in stock
Description: Novellus 200mm Wafer Paddle high purity 15-024611-00
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in stock
Description: NOVELLUS 15-024611-00 PADDLE 200MM,Wafer High Purity Paddle End Effector, 121352

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VendorConditionSourceList PriceQuantity Sold ListedEnded
maxisemi1349 NEW - $650.00 2 May/13/19 Nov/21/19
Description: 15-024611-00 PADDLE,200mm,WITH DIMPLES
catalystparts NEW - $250.00 1 Oct/13/17 Oct/21/17
Description: Novellus 15-024611-00 Rev-C Transfer Arm / Paddle 200mm w/ Dimples
usedeqsales Used - $809.12 1 Sep/18/12 Jul/09/14
Description: Lam Research Transfer Arm 15-024611-00 Rev. C Used Working
capitolareatech NEW - $382.54 1 Dec/11/12 Jun/06/13
Description: NOVELLUS 15-024611-00 PADDLE, 200mm, WITH DIMPLES